Guess who’s back? (Hint: it’s me)


If you’re reading this little introduction of mine, chances are I know you (hi Mom!!) and you know me, so there’s probably not much mystery surrounding the origins and purpose of this blog.

If, however, by some random chance you’ve just happened to stumble upon this blog…A) That’s awesome and I feel kind of famous and B) Welcome! Let’s talk about what’s going on here, shall we?

Long story short: I’m moving to Malaysia in eleven days to teach English. And I made a blog to document it because it’s the 21st century and if it’s not all compiled in an amateur travel blog then it never really happened, right?


If any of you have been with me throughout my various past attempts at blogging, you know that it’s probably best to keep the expectations pretty low. I’m really hoping that I can use this space to share my thoughts, both random and profound, as well as photos and videos to document my experiences living and working abroad. I won’t be publishing award-winning posts every day, but I’d like to think that whatever I do put out there will be at least mildly interesting 🙂

So, here we are, folks! This is the blog, and this is me. If you want to subscribe so you can get emails whenever I post something new, that would be awesome; there’s a little box in the sidebar where you can do that (I promise I won’t spam you too much). Or, if you’re a WordPress user, you can click the follow button and see my posts on your Reader whenever you log in. Either way, it’s more fun for me knowing that someone out there is reading this thing. Feel free to leave me comments, ask me your questions (and get some answers), etc. You know the drill.

I don’t know if you caught that Little Mermaid reference just now but I thought I’d make it super obvious by ending this post with a dramatic gif. Enjoy.

Until next time!

Kyle 🙂