Gimme Your Qs!

While I’ve done a decent job so far of updating this blog about once or twice each month (something I’m very proud of, given my past blogging history…), I realized with my last post that I very rarely devote a lot of time to writing about the details of my life in Malaysia. Most of my posts either discuss issues and themes that I’m working through in my time here, or they focus on a specific experience that I’ve had. While this has been great so far, I realize that it has left a lot to wonder about: what does my actual day-to-day life look like?

And because I’m the kind of person who gets overwhelmed at the thought of tackling such an idea (and because I would probably end up writing the next Moby Dick in my attempts to do so), I’ve decided that I’ll let the people who read this blog dictate the kinds of things they want to know more about.

So, what are you interested in? My roommate? My housing situation? The kinds of food that I eat? What my school looks like? You tell me, and I’ll write alllllll about it. Deal?


Leave me questions here in the comments, or feel free to send them my way via social media, email (, or carrier pigeon. Whatever works best for you.

I look forward to answering your questions!!


4 thoughts on “Gimme Your Qs!

  1. Hey Kyle, to answer your question: I would love to learn about everything you mentioned! But that’s a bit too easy an answer, right. So to start with: yes, I am interested in what you eat, and how. I mean: do you cook for yoruseld, do you eat out, and if so, is there a diversity of restaurants, or mere foodstalls. Is there anything you really miss (foodwise) etc. And then next time maybe more about your teaching: do you have just the one class, do you have them the whole day or certain parts, which ages, do you see progress etc.
    Looking forward to your next blog (although I know you are off to Bali etc.).
    Have fun!
    Love, Karen


  2. Hi Cikgu Kyle! Still remember the noisy & kepochi Malaysians during the tour to Halong Bay? Yesss that’s me and my friends! Hehehe!

    I just have a look into photos from recent Vietnam trip and eager to know more about teacher exchange program in Malaysia & suddenly I was stumbled upon this awesome blog! Cool…

    Later, I’ll email photos of you and your sleepy friend in Halong Bay. =D

    By the way, it is nice to know you Cikgu!


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